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Angioedema Hurts

Posted Oct 31 2010 8:37am
Ouchy and Grouchy

I forget between bouts how much angioedema can hurt.  It is deep seering down to the bone type of pain, and at the same time burning through my skin kind of pain.  It hurts to move, it hurts to sit, it hurts to type, it hurts to walk.  This is going on day four of this bout.  Hoping the pain lessens.

I have not complained but I did go home early from the client's yesterday. My boss I think realized how sick I look and went in early today but I don't have to be there for a little while yet so I could sleep in!  Yeah!!  I try very hard not to complain because it was my own choice to come when I didn't feel very well.  The pain yesterday was overwhelming and today is a teensy bit less but very bad.  I could take pain medication (I have it with me) but I will be non-functional if I do.

Ocassionally I am at the "shaking won't stop" stage of pain - was there most of yesterday, but it is coming and going today.  My legs are starting to stop swelling and my hands feel normal.  I have mild facial swelling which is not noticiable (thank heaven for small favors!!).  My red nose is still red.  sigh.   I can get my feet into a normal pair of shoes today, not my fat foot traveling shoes I have had to wear for the last couple of days.  Hoping this episode of angioedema will be gone soon!

Gonna get my stuff together and get ready for work.  Happy Halloween everyone!!!
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