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Always cold, fatigued; sometimes dizzy...?

Posted by ANJL_BEING

I have been very sensitive to cold, and very fatigued. I have dizziness spells, which started before the previous two symptoms I mentioned. I have been under a great deal of stress, and would like to contribute my sxs to this. Should I be worried about a certain condition?
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It's time for a good check-up with your doctor.

This could be many things, some simple and easily treated. Anemia, B12 levels, and thyroid issues come to mind, but that's just the beginning of a very long list.

Check in with your doc. No reason to just keep feeling this way.


No I am not on any new medication. However, I have had to wean myself off of Lamictal because I couldn't afford the med. (uninsured---$350 for the med) My Dr. just put me BACK on the medication because she had a starter pack, and I have gotten Prescription Assistance. Dont' worry... I know how to wean myself off of this type of medication. I've been on some kind or another in the same classification/category for over 10 years.
Like Teri said, see your doctor. It could be thyroid, not eating properly, anemia, or a reaction to medication. Best to see your doctor.
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