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About Double Vision

Posted by giuross

I had a brain tumor back in 1984, the malignant type that at the end I had double vision and was succesfully removed, radiation after and everything was fine.  I had MRI's done, everythings it's normal.  About 5 or 6 years ago I've been having problems, double vision, had another MRI and visit a Neurologist and and an Oftalmologist and the diagnosis was migranes, I never have a head ache. The problem increase the past 2 years, went to another Neurologist and the same MRI was done and this doctor told me that what I have has no cure.  Not satisfied with his response I investigate a little bit about Diplopia, the symthoms that I have, and decide to see an Oftalmologist at UCLA, a very dedicated doctor that gave me a very detailed exam, but at the end I was told that the only thing I can do it's to keep doing what I've been doing all this time, I cover my eye with on hand, wait until is gone and keep doing what I'm doing. This doble vision problem happens to me when I'm driving, cooking, brushing my teeth, taking a shower, I get dizzy, loose balance, etc. etc............Can you please tell me if there is a pill, a medicine that exist for this discomfort, I am afraid that I could have a car accident or chopped a finger when I chopping onions. Should I try to see another specialist?

Please Help!

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