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A Rosy Request! *Updated*

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:43pm
A dear online/IRL friend of mine has a wonderfully talented son who made it into a very prestigious marching band. They were chosen to attend the January 1, 2009 Tournament of Roses Parade (which I *love* to watch and hope to someday attend--I wish it could be this one!!). This is a true honor, but very expensive. I am asking my readers to donate to this worthy cause if able.

You can go to her webpage at

or donate directly to the band:

Broken Arrow Senior High

Attn: Band Department

1901 East Albany Street

Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Both my daughter and I have sent money--please consider it a huge favor for me (she promises she will return the favor when Miranda wants to compete in the Olympics someday LOL).

Here's her letter to me:

As many of you know, Blake auditioned this past May and made it into the high school marching band - The Pride of Broken Arrow . As parents, we are fully responsible for his expenses to attend competitions and purchase uniforms, etc. Not a problem there.

This year, the band has been invited to march in the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, California, on January 1. The trip is scheduled for approximate dates of Dec. 27 - Jan. 2, and they will be traveling in busses, not by airplane. Each child's portion for this trip alone is about $1400. There are over 200 teenagers (band members) making the trip, at an estimated cost of $350,000 for the trip. We can donate, but we as parents are not expected to pay the full amount on top of the regular year's expenses mentioned above. Though it is a school sponsored trip, the school district is not paying any portion of that $350,000 needed. To date, they have raised about $100,000 through corporate funding, but it is not anywhere near the amount they thought they would have by now.

We have been asked to provide names and addresses for those people who may be willing to help out by donating any amount of money, not matter how little or how much. Thus the reason for this email... if any of you are willing to help out by donating any amount of money, please respond to this email with your name (first and last) along with mailing address. We have a band parent meeting on Tuesday evening where we need to provide these names to be put on postcards that will be mailed out (at our expense, not the band's). If you can't help out, no problem - I understand. There is no need to reply to this email unless you are willing to donate and are sending me your information.

Thanks for reading and considering this request!

Debbie added in comments:

Angel, thank you so much for doing this! I was wrong about the amount raised so far - it's only been $10,000 (not $100,000) and they also need to raise $300,000 (not $350,000). I really appreciate anyone who is willing to donate to this very exciting trip of a lifetime for these kids! For anyone reading, Blake is my son. He's plays the Sousaphone, the giant tuba that wraps around his body and protudes above his head. He's one of 14 Sousaphone players in the band.~ Debbie

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