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A headache upon waking every morning?

Posted by massagefever

And even after a nap.  I had a sleep study done about 4 years ago and the dr said my oxygen stats dropped a little but nothing to be concerned about.

This is going on two weeks now.  It started in the middle of treatment for a sinus infection.  A CT of the sinuses indicated I have one cavity on the right side of my nose that cannot drain (2nd CT in 1 year, same result).  The dr said this should only cause pain on the right side of my head or eye.  I'll be having surgery on that cavity Friday.

 But I wake up every morning with an all over pounding headache.  You can never pinpoint it to the same place twice and it is not like my migraines.

What can be causing this and how can I stop it?  It is interfering with everything.

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