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Washington, District of Columbia
I am the Blogger Relations and Development Manager for Wellsphere. :)   Feel free to message me if you have any questions.  
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Sara B.

Chicago, Illinois
I want to meet YOU! I want to read YOUR blog! I live and breathe health and fitness and adventure. I want to figure out the topics REAL people want to read and write about them. I love to write and am a certified personal trainer, and I have recently merged the two at I am up for anything, passionate about healthy living and changing lives..... I want to help you...


New York 10589
I have been battling chronic neurological Lyme for over 6 and a half years. This is where i share my story, along with recent information and helpful tips and knowledge about Lyme disease, and sometimes co infections (babesiosis and bartonella, which i also have ). Thanks for reading! Please spread the word and help Lyme Disease Awareness


Brick, California
I have recently stepped off of the diet roller coaster and am loving live more Intuitively. I am currently enrolled in the chefs training program at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC. I enjoy cooking, traveling, blogging and heavy metal music. Come join me while I strive for a healthy balance in my life! 

Amie Valpone

Amie Valpone, HHC, AADP is a Manhattan based Culinary Marketing Consultant, recipe developer and food writer specializing in Gluten Free and Dairy Free Culinary Nutrition. After graduating with a B.S in Management from Boston University Business School, Amie  followed her passion for cooking and healthy living through training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in...
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Mother RImmy

Snohomish, Washington
I started a recipe blog 8 months ago to share my passion for light and healthy cooking. At the time I was frustrated with recipe blogs and websites that didn't provide nutrition information, so I was determined that I would make it easy for people to choose recipes that fit into their healthy eating plans. My passion for cooking light started 10 years ago when I had decided to improve my...


California 96929
Actively living in Guam on Andersen AFB. Originally from Southern California. My 40's have been the best years ever! My passion is surgery and keeping fit. Presently at age 45, I run, bike, weight train and snorkel to maintain my weight of 130 pounds. Fifteen years ago I weighed 240 pounds; I have kept my weight off for the past 10 years. My goal is to do a triathlon before I am 50 years old.


Hi There! Thanks for checking out my blog: Mind Over Booty where I seek to overcome the adversity that lies in my mind. I focus on sharing healthy recipes, fitness inspiration and other tidbits along the way. You'll notice that I'm vegetarian, but I don't judge you for your lifestyle choices. I'm 70 pounds down from my highest weight and ready to say goodbye to the last 30 pounds with serious...
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California 11201
Hi! I'm Becca Markiewicz and I'm the author of the blog FUN!ctional Fitness. I am dedicated to bringing affordable and accessible health information to folks in the New York City area (though there's plenty of stuff on there for you non-New Yorkers!). I am a certified personal trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association and I also have a BA in dance. My motto is: live fit and be...
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Melanie W.

Hi! My name is Melanie Webber and I am currently a dietetic intern, on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian. "Healthy living" to me is so much more than eating healthy and exercising. I believe these are huge components to a healthy life, but I also believe having a positive self-image and a purpose in life are just as important- if not more. Unfortunately, our society has placed...
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