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Michelle Lin Medical Doctor

Specialty: Emergency Medicine
San Francisco, California
I recently started my blog ( as a means to show medical students, residents, and practicing emergency physicians about what life is like in academic Emergency Medicine. A large draw for going into academia includes teaching, meeting and working with amazing people,... Full Bio
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ALiEM has moved

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine has outgrown this blog platform and moved. Please reset your browser bookmark to ...

aVR: The Forgotten 12th Lead

Augmented leads (aVR, aVF, and aVL) were developed to derive more localized information looking at the right, lower, and left part of the...

Must We Avoid Nitrofurantoin with Impaired Renal Function?

Acute uncomplicated cystitis is becoming more difficult to treat in the setting of increasing antimicrobial resistance. In the 2010 IDSA Guideline...

Wellens' Syndrome: Is it on your radar?

Wellen’s Syndrome was first described in 1982 in which 75% of patients with t wave inversions in V2-V4 went on to have an acute myocardial...

The blog is moving!

The blog is now four years old! Our birthday wish that we could upgrade and move our blog to a new platform is coming true! Before...
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