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Michele W. Patient Expert

Bernville, Pennsylvania
I'm a wife, mother,and grandmother, who is trusting daily in God's Word that He will strengthen me to rise above life's difficulties. I live with multiple chronic illnesses. The Lord has been teaching me to Live Simply, Laugh Often, and to Love Deeply. I hope to encourage, uplift, and at times... Full Bio
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Mar 14 2012 by preciousbaby5


am miss precious,contact me back on this id there is something i want to share with u.
thank you.(
Nov 13 2010 by gopink2010
Nov 13 2010 by gopink2010
hello i just stared a website to help raise money for the cure for breast cancer all donations will go to the national breast cancer foundation but i am having no luck in getting people to visit the site i hope you can help spread the word about it please and thank you god bless..
Nov 11 2010 by ka_miller
Hi Michele hope everything is going well. I have had a cold for the last 2 month and can't get rid of it. I have stayed of the junk food and eating more fruits and veg, I thought that might help. But not helping right now.Really can't do much exercise because I have what you call a spur in my foot, so can't wait til I get my new shoes tomorrow.
Apr 28 2010 by Lisa C.
hey, Michelle! saying hello. I was uploading some of my joint replacement videos to the community here. continue to think of you and pray for you often. I miss you!!
Apr 27 2010 by GodsDreamsForMe

Hi Michele. Thank you for accepting my friendship request. Looking forward to your posts and trusting God together.

God Bless,

Jeri (for David n Jeri)

Apr 19 2010 by FLlass

Thank you so much to be willing  to be my friend. We need each other to be able to cope with our disabilities. Right now I'm in the process of moving to a Independent Seniors Complex. I've got a whole 2 weeks to get moved. I just put out a call to our church for help. I can only do so much, but I know that Lord  is with  me and giving me the strength to do it.




Jun 06 2009 by heatherfeather
I see we both have the same goal to avoid red meat. How is that going for you? I just set my goal today! :)
May 29 2009 by OUG
Thanks Michele your site is very uplifting!!!, skimmed over the  "I'm Too Weak" blog.  Yep, I understand.
Apr 17 2009 by Paulette
Good Luck Michele I'm rooting for you. Here comes the week-end thats where I run into trouble.