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I'm a wife, mother,and grandmother, who is trusting daily in God's Word that He will strengthen me to rise above life's difficulties. I live with multiple chronic illnesses. The Lord has been teaching me to Live Simply, Laugh Often, and to Love Deeply. I hope to encourage, uplift, and at times... Full Bio
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My Focus Word for 2015 is FOCUS - What's Yours?  Verb (with object):   to concentrate:  "to focus one's thoughts."  Synonyms:   center, heart, core. ...

Let Us Not Forget Whose Birthday We Are Celebrating

 When I was growing up we did not have the lavished birthday celebrations that some people have today.  I am amazed at how much money is...

Unknown Future - All Knowing God

My unknown future is in the hands of the all-knowing God.   When I read this quote yesterday, I thought how poignant – for in all...

Hold It Together Girl!

  “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17 (NIV) These past several weeks I have...

Just One

  We are all just one... but if you live with an invisible illness you are one of over 100 million who are ill. You are someone. You...

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hello i just stared a website to help raise money for the cure for breast cancer all donations will go to the national breast cancer foundation but i am having no luck in getting people to visit the site i hope you can help spread the word about it please and thank you god bless..
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