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Springfield, Missouri
Hi! I'm Michele L. Tune and I've had a long journey to better health. After barely surviving domestic violence, I was injured and had several health issues as a result. My weight ballooned up to near 300 pounds, I was on tons of medication, and I went through several surgeries as well -... Full Bio
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Dec 19 2009 by EARTH MOTHER




Nov 30 2009 by JesusLovesVets
God provided us seeds, nuts, fruit and vegetables for us to eat in the Garden of Eden. Now the climate is dryer than back then. Alpha Lipoic Acid protects our skin.  Vegetarians biggest weakness is a lack of ALA. Other the different climate than what it was in the Garden of Eden, God's diet for us is perfect. 
Nov 29 2009 by Dr. Nagaraj

Dear Michele, 

I hereby requesting your vote to win 'People's Health Blogger Award'. Please see all my posts related to cancer in my blog. Thank you in advance for your help.

Best Regards,


Nov 12 2009 by Michele L. Tune

Wow. What an honor! I'm so glad you're enjoying my blog. I'm so blessed!!! :-D

 Best wishes on the freelancing. Follow your dreams, and never give up!!!



Nov 12 2009 by rawprincess
Aww well Michele you truly inspire it. I'm all over your blog! And wanna be a freelance writer like youse! ;) xo cindy
Oct 25 2009 by Mysti
You're welcome!!
Mar 21 2009 by Michele L. Tune
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