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My name is Michaela. Iâ??m a freshman in college with a passion for healthy living, especially in regards to nutrition and exercise. Iâ??m also interested in other aspects of health that are less tangible: mental, emotional, and spiritual. Health canâ??t be reduced to numerical... Full Bio
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Sport and running insoles for helping you protect yourself from plantar fasciitis

Are you trying to stay fit and healthy by running and playing sports well something that you may need then is a pair of running and sports...

Make your own lemonade

Making your own lemonade is far better and you don’t need sugar.. Lemon already have all the sweetness they need in them  all the...

Healthy diet recipes?

What are the best and most healthiest recipes one can eat and make relevantly quickly? Well in one of my last posts i mentioned about stir fry...

Pinhole glasses a must!

Pinhole glasses help to focus you eyesight and improve your vision. Created by a bunch of crazy buy clever eye specialists pinhole glasses are...

Whole grain flour not white flour

White flour is unhealthy and has little nutritional benefit. White flour is like just eating sugar, It may not taste sweet like sugar but...

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