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So you have been diagnosed with colitis or have suffered with this debilitating disease for a period of time. I was diagnosed in 1994 and suffered several relapses until the big one in 2004. I underwent surgery and now have a j pouch. During these ten years, I had access to information from... Full Bio
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Rest Is Vital During And After A Colitis Relapse

I want to use this current high media profile period for ulcerative colitis to talk about a colitis relapse and the importance of...

Is It A Virus Or Ulcerative Colitis?

Here is a legitimate question to ask…is it a virus or ulcerative colitis? I ask this as one of Scotland’s top football (soccer) players, who...

Everyone Knows A Colitis Remedy Don’t They?

It is still a little oft puting when the issue of colitis is raised and there is someone who pipes up about some colitis remedy that their...

Age Factor And A Colitis Diagnosis

A question was put to me recently about whether the age factor and a colitis diagnosis had any bearing on how a sufferer then was able to...

Colitis Flare Ups And The Stress Factor

Did you know that there is growing evidence that psychological factors contribute to colitis flare ups? Therefore, stress-management training...
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