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How to get started again?

I have a basic weight bench at home and wanted to get started working out with weights again. What is the best way to get started? I heard only...

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Michael R.'s Whiteboard
Apr 16 2008 by Dave K.

Hey Michael,

Saw you joined the Endurance Training community.  I've done a few triathlons and long bike rides... I find having something to train for helps motivate me to keep working out.  Are you training for anything, or thinking about it?

Mar 18 2008 by Kristen D.
Welcome to the Recreation and Endurance Training communities! I'm the moderator for these communities, and I'm so glad you've joined us! Please feel welcome to share your knowledge and experience with the groups, and don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek advice from other members.
Mar 18 2008 by Michael R.
This is my whiteboard

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