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Chicago, Illinois
I'm very much into health and lifestyles. My mom is 60 years old and has rheumatoid arthritis, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and anemia. I am her "nurse" at home, making sure she takes her meds daily, eats healthy, and I also inject her with reumacaid and her B12 shot for her anemia once a month. Thankfully I am healthy and only randomly get ill from a cough, but I regularly suffer from migranes. I don't like taking prescription meds for anything really and am most interested in... Full Bio
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what to do if biten by a spider?

my friend woke up one morning and found she had been two spider bites on her back, then the next morning she woke up with three or four more on her...

Not age spots! These showed up overnight. Never had them before, no symptoms, no itchyness, etc.

my mom is 60 years old.  she recently woke up in the morning and had some reddish/brown, very small, spots almost like dots across her chest. ...

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