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* Hospitalist, Mount Desert Island Hospital (2003 â?? present) * Private Practice, Freeport, Maine, 4 years (ended 2002 with surgery for a spinal meningioma) * Chair of Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (2006 â?? present) * Director of... Full Bio
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HR 2322: A One-Size-Fits-All Bill to Vaccinate Every American Child With Every Vaccine CDC/ ACIP Recommend

Wow!  Who saw that coming?  The Constitution did not specify that medical care was a federal responsibility, so for over 200 years it has been...

Immunocompromised children: what are their infectious risks from the unvaccinated?

In the last few days there have been multiple news articles and testimonies in the Maine and Vermont legislatures about the need to impose vaccine...

Why Would You Vaccinate a Newborn for Hepatitis B?

My maternal grandfather died in 1968 of what was almost certainly a fulminant Hepatitis B infection (causing rapid liver failure, occurring in...

DPT vaccine: Is your child at risk from unvaccinated children?/ CDC

"Asymptomatic carriers are important for transmission of diphtheria. Immunity (either via natural infection or vaccine-induced)...

WHO takes a stand for transparency in clinical trials research / Science

Pharmaceutical companies conduct pre-clinical (without people) and clinical research (utilizing human subjects) to understand the effects of drugs...
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