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* Hospitalist, Mount Desert Island Hospital (2003 â?? present) * Private Practice, Freeport, Maine, 4 years (ended 2002 with surgery for a spinal meningioma) * Chair of Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (2006 â?? present) * Director of... Full Bio
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CDC Director Calls for another COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW six months after the last one

      (The subjects in my Cheer! below are among those mentioned by USAT on July 21, 2015 --Nass) The CDC cheer (or anthem) When anthrax...

21st Century Cures Act Dismantles Meaningful Federal Regulation of Drugs and Devices

The 21st Century Cures Act was passed (unanimously) out of Committee on July 7, 2015 and passed by the House on July 10 , by a vote of 344 to 77...

How Not to Fix the F.D.A./ NYT explains that the Cure is Worse than the Disease: 21st Century Cures Act passes House

Another giveaway to health industries (and woe to patients) is embodied in the so-called 21st Century Cures Act .   It passed the House of...

U.S. Health Department *Retracts* Statement on Emergent (anthrax vaccine mfr) getting an Ebola contract/ Bloomberg and WaPo

DHHS tells Bloomberg/WaPo it made a mistake about giving that Ebola drug contract to the anthrax vaccine manufacturer. Crayton HarrisonJul...

USG gives contract to anthrax vaccine manufacturer to develop an Ebola drug/ Bloomberg

Recall that the current anthrax vaccine manufacturer has never developed and brought to market a single drug.  The anthrax vaccine was...
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