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Meredy Registered Nurse

Brownsville, Pennsylvania
I'm a registered nurse with 25 years of experience in medical/surgical and home health nursing.... Full Bio
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Jul 09 2010 by rof2009

My male 10 yrs old maltese developed a severe skin rash around 3 weeks ago.  He started with scratching himself a lot couple months back.  then later on he started developing some ugly sores.  He scratched himself so much that opened the skin.  I took him to vet 2 weeks ago and he gave him PD natural antihistomic and a antibiotic.  Also recomended EPi Soothee. shampoo.  But after that he go worse. any suggestions please! my email is

Apr 17 2010 by Esweet

Hi Merdy,

My daughter is four years old and has hair in her armpits already. Whats happening here?



May 23 2009 by Jessie D.

Hi Merdy,

I have been given two opposing answers about how long I should avoid contact with other people after receiving the Zostovax vaccine. Could you please tell me the answer? i was told by one pharmacist to avoide immune suppressed individuals for 2 to 3 weeks including cancer patients, young children, and pregnant women. I was told by another pharmacist that there were no precautions. My grandchildren have never had chicken pox or the vaccine. The youngest is 19 mo. I am concerned about giving them chicken pox. Thanks.

Apr 27 2009 by Kikish88
Hi Meredy, i wanted to know if i need to be a LPN in order to do the RN
Apr 27 2009 by Kikish88
hi Meredy, i wanted to know if i need to be a LPN to become a RN