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I'm a Christian wife and mother of 5.  My children include two adopted and three biological kids ranging from birth year 2003-2009.  Three of my children have Down syndrome and one of those has extra challenges from strokes and institutionalization before her adoption.  My adopted... Full Bio
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Where we've been

I tend to find time and then... just not... as it comes to blogging.  In the most recent past there's been much more "not" than there has been...

What's in those Work Boxes? 8 types of activities to fill the drawers and the day.

I blogged our 5 things that keep me sane recently and had a lot of people raise the question-- what's in the work boxes, and what do you use to...

Five helps for keeping my sanity while homeschooling 9 kids developmentally under 7 (and a 5th grader!)

Say WHAT? I'm often asked how we are able to make it work to homeschool our ten children (9 of ours and a child we are providing respite...

Our big news...

We are moving!  It seems like we've been put through the fire the last two weeks, but I suppose James just wanted to make sure to...


Definition: In the positive spiritual sense, brokenness is the condition of being completely subdued and humbled before the Lord, and as a...

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