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I use my blog to talk about all the little changes in my life that have lead to an epic change: me being healthy. You'll see food, fitness, and even ice cream. Every day I learn more about balancing a health and wellness with my life and the things I want to do. I am getting the most out of life... Full Bio
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Cap 10k recap: it stunk

Sorry I’m so lame and have been missing lately. I promise I’m not off having secret, fun adventures. I am studying for my Master’s degree...

food planning

Recently I was chatting with some friends about how little time I have to cook lately with my crazy study schedule and just life in general...

orange chicken a l’Harris… sorta

This is my best friend, Harris: (I stole that from his Facebook, but have seen him be a yoga freak in person as well.) Long over...

why I broke up with Daily Mile

Will this blog ever talk about food again? Better question: will I ever have time to cook and eat again? Sadly I’m right in the middle of...

Lent already?

Whoa. When did Lent sneak up on me? Clearly I’ve been out of it for a while because I suddenly looked at my calendar today and saw that it...

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