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Sleep Skills – Sleep hygiene by David M. By David Joel Miller. Do you have good sleep skills? How did you learn to get a good night sleep? If you... Read on »
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Mental health is about how we think, feel and behave. One in four people have a mental health problem at some point in their lives that affects their daily life, relationships or physical... » Read on
What is psychosis? Psychosis is a term that is used to describe a mental condition where somebody is unable to distinguish between reality and their imagination. People who are experiencing psychosis are... » Read on
There are four main symptoms associated with a psychotic episode. These are: hallucinations, delusions, confused and disturbed thoughts, and a lack of insight and... » Read on
The causes of psychosis have three main classifications: psychosis caused by psychological conditions, psychosis caused by general medical conditions, and psychosis caused by substances, such as... » Read on
You should visit your doctor if you are experiencing psychotic episodes. There is no test to positively diagnose psychosis, but your doctor can look at your symptoms, and rule out short-term causes, such as drug... » Read on

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