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Is your problem drugs or people? by David M. By David Joel Miller. Are people in your life making too much out of your recreational drug use? A number of people recently have been describing how they do not feel they h ... Read on »
Can’t make up your mind? Indecision, rumination and depression. by David M. By David Joel Miller. Indecision, rumination and depression If you can’t make up your mind it may be because you are depressed. Indecision is a common result of depression a ... Read on »
Ways to avoid work burnout. by David M. By David Joel Miller. Are you unhappy at work? More people are unhappy than happy on the job site these days. Not that the job is necessarily supposed to make you happy. The ... Read on »
7 Thoughts create success. by David M. By David Joel Miller. Think these 7 thoughts to have a successful life. What you think tends to come true. You can’t accomplish things if you do not believe they are possibl ... Read on »
Support for Morgan by Chrisa H. Facebook Many of you may have heard about an incident that happened in Wisconsin regarding two girls stabbing a third girl in the woods, due to a fear of a fictional character ... Read on »
Do people with problems not want to change? by David M. By David Joel Miller. Why do they say that people with problems want to be that way? Lots of people, with varying problems and disabilities, seem to be dismissed with the ex ... Read on »
Brain Awareness Week is March 16-22, 2015 by Dr. Deb Patient Expert I'm a big fan of my Brain. It's such a totally cool organ. Without it, I couldn't do anything, really. No doubt you feel the same way. Bra ... Read on »
Top 10 life mistakes. by David M. By David Joel Miller. How many of these top 10 life mistakes are you making? What is a mistake for one person may not be for another. Over the long haul most mistakes can be ... Read on »
11 tips for more marriage miles. by David M. By David Joel Miller. Ways to get more mileage out of the marriage you have. Marriage seems to be an endangered institution these days. Few people getting married and more d ... Read on »
Emotional Avalanches and Feelings Landslides by David M. By David Joel Miller Do your emotions sometimes just sweep you away? Everyone has ups and downs in life. There are times you are up and times you are down. Those ups and dow ... Read on »