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Prevalence of Bipolar I and II Disorder in Canada by Dr. Scott P. Medical Doctor There have only been two national surveys of mental health in Canada. One of these was conducted in 2002 (the CCHS 1.2) and a second one in 2012 (CCHS-MH). The first survey ... Read on »
Secrets of the Parents Club. by David M. By David Joel Miller. There are parent secrets you can only learn on the job. Parenting is one of the most common tasks on earth. You would think there would be better prepa ... Read on »
Stop trying to push the wall – self-defeating behaviors. by David M. By David Joel Miller. Do you keep trying to push that wall out of your way? You can waste a lot of time trying to push things out of your way that are not about to move. Ins ... Read on »
Excuses that keep you stuck. by David M. By David Joel Miller. These excuses will keep things from ever getting better. Things in your life are not right. You know your life could be better but you talk yourself ou ... Read on »
Stigma against depression in Canada by Dr. Scott P. Medical Doctor A recent paper by Dr. Heather Stuart, of Queens University has addressed the question of whether there is stigma against depression among the general public in Canada. She u ... Read on »
Models and Metaphors for Major Depression by Dr. Scott P. Medical Doctor Since major depression is a condition that is not yet fully understood, there is a lot of thinking about it that is shaped by general ideas rather than facts. In the medical ... Read on »
Becoming your own best friend. by David M. By David Joel Miller. Would you treat a friend that way? You teach others how to treat you. How you treat yourself is the model for the kind of treatment you get from others ... Read on »
One preventable disease killing seniors up 1100% by David M. By David Joel Miller. One disease has resulted in an 11 fold increase in accidental deaths among seniors. When we think of the illnesses plaguing seniors we tend to think of ... Read on »
Boost your willpower. by David M. By David Joel Miller. Simple ways to increase your willpower. Willpower, both the making yourself do unpleasant things and the “won’t power” type where you have to pass up t ... Read on »
Reflections on Compassion and Uncertainty at ISPS 2015 by Ron Unger Patient Expert In the Mad in America blog posts by Noel Hunter and by Sandy Steingard, there have already been great reports on ISPS 2015, but I would like to share my own thoughts about w ... Read on »