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Emergence of Mood Disorders in Adolescence by Dr. Scott P. Medical Doctor There is solidifying consensus that the earliest manifestations of mood disorders occur often during childhood and adolescence. This kind of statement is most strongly suppo ... Read on »
Who taught you about anger? by David M. By David Joel Miller. How do you know what you know about anger? Long before you went to school and learned to read and write you learned a bunch of lessons about how the wo ... Read on »
Why do mice and researchers get it wrong? by David M. By David Joel Miller. Why don’t the things we find in mouse studies work for humans? Mice can get it wrong! Photo courtesy of Quite often these days there is a n ... Read on »
Developing a Compassionate Voice as a Step Toward Living With Voices by Ron Unger Patient Expert I’ve previously written about the possible role of compassion focused therapy in helping people relate better to problematic voices, in my posts Could compassionate self tal ... Read on »
Feeding Your Happiness Diet by David M. Are you ready for a high-happiness diet? This time of year resolutions are almost gone. The plans to diet, exercise and self-improve are almost out of season now. Did you st ... Read on »
Epidemiology for Canadian Students by Dr. Scott P. Medical Doctor I have been teaching the Fundamentals of Epidemiology more or less continuously at the University of Calgary since the early 1990s. I have always been frustrated by the lack ... Read on »
March 1st is Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Awareness Day by Dr. Deb Patient Expert Non-Suicidal Self-injury (NSSI) – is any deliberate, non suicidal behavior that inflicts physical harm on one's body to relieve emotional distress. People ... Read on »
Ways you create drama by David M. By David Joel Miller. Are you making your own drama? Do you find yourself saying that there is way too much drama in your life? Feel like you live in a soap opera? There are ... Read on »
Is addiction real? Does it have a cause? by David M. By David Joel Miller Comments on the deltaFosB post and the causes of addiction. Some comments came in on the DeltaFosB post I think need discussing. Normally I do not answe ... Read on »
9 Ways to stop unhelpful rumination. by David M. By David Joel Miller. Do you find your brain full of negative unhelpful thoughts? Sometimes it feels like our own brain is out to get us. Sometimes it is. If you have unhelp ... Read on »