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Ways to overcome shyness by David M. By David Joel Miller Here are some suggestions to get past your shyness Shyness can keep you on the sidelines and out of life. Some people have been shy since early childhoo ... Read on »
What is selective tolerance? by David M. By David Joel Miller Not all tolerance is created equal What is tolerance? Tolerance, as it applies to medications and drugs, is having less and less of a reaction to a drug ... Read on »
My thoughts on the death of Robin Williams by OJTLBlog If you have spent even a minute on social media yesterday and today you know that the world has lost a great talent, a man loved by many and someone who was more family than ... Read on »
Conquer Your Fears and Anxieties by David M. By David Joel Miller How do you get past those fear and anxiety feelings?   Fear likes you to think it is a roaring lion. We all have our fears, but some people let fear sto ... Read on »
Effects of Alcohol last long after you sober up by David M. By David Joel Miller Alcohol continues to affect you after it has left your blood stream Researchers are finding that the effects of alcohol are not limited to what we see o ... Read on »
Help for Veterans and their Families is coming to Dade City by 1888PressRelease (1888 PressRelease) Innovative Nonprofit Provides Treatment to Veterans who suffer from PTSD. Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL - The Circle of Veterans (COV) is ... Read on »
19 Ways to manage your anxiety by David M. By David Joel Miller Too much anxiety in your life? You do not need to let the anxiety monster run your life. Turn down the volume on that anxiety and take back control of y ... Read on »
Gallup Poll: State of Well-Being in the U.S. by Dr. Deb Patient Expert Purpose well-being is composed of questions about having an inspiring leader, daily activity, goals, and strengths.Social well-being includes questions about relatio ... Read on »
Why you get drunk and they don’t by David M. By David Joel Miller Some people get higher blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) than others If a group of people all drink the same number of drinks, even if they are all dri ... Read on »
Binging on food – Binge Eating by David M. By David Joel Miller Out of control eating is officially a mental illness With the advent of the DSM-5, Binge Eating Disorder (307.51 F50.8), is officially a recognized ment ... Read on »