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Can’t tell your counselor that? by David M. By David Joel Miller Can’t Say That What do you do if there are things you can’t tell your counselor? Clients and commenters have told me a number of times that there were t ... Read on »
Do you feel like a loser? by David M. By David Joel Miller. Are you a loser? Do you feel like one? Winner or Loser? Photo courtesy of Here are 13 ways to guarantee you will be a loser. Do not try. Yo ... Read on »
How angry is too angry? by David M. By David Joel Miller. Does your anger get out of control? Anger Photo courtesy of People with an anger management problem seem to have only one setting on their ... Read on »
Martin Luther King Jr. Day by David M. Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day Read on »
A Theological Interpretation of Mental illness-A Focus on “Schizophrenia” by Rossa Forbes originally posted on the Beyond Meds blog JANUARY 11, 2015 BY  ADMIN by Elahe Hessamfar A book:  My precious daughter, Helia, was diagnosed with “schizophrenia” f ... Read on »
Paperback Launch of "Depression and Your Child" by Dr. Deb Patient Expert                                         My award-winning book "Depression and Your Child: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers" is now available in paperback ! ... Read on »
Finding the Gifts Within Madness by Ron Unger Patient Expert When people are seeing the world really different than we do, it’s often reassuring to think that there must be something wrong with them – because if they are completely wr ... Read on »
Being verbally blunt can be a good or a bad thing. by David M. By David Joel Miller Saying what you think can get you liked or it can get you hated. Are you one of those people who find they can’t help saying what they think? This can b ... Read on »
10,000 California Telemedicine Therapists Ready To Fill Mental Health Services Gap Caused By... by 1888PressRelease 1888PressRelease - More than 10,000 California online therapists are ready to fill the mental health services gap left by the ongoing strike of Kaiser mental health employee ... Read on »
Ways you create a miserable life. by David M. By David Joel Miller Are you making yourself miserable? Ways you create a miserable life Photo courtesy of Life can be hard, things happen that are out of your c ... Read on »