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8 Ways to improve your couple’s communication. by David M. By David Joel Miller Improving couples communication takes time and practice. Problems communicating is a common complaint in distressed couples. To improve communication be ... Read on »
Your thoughts making you anxious? by David M. By David Joel Miller 9 ways to tell if your thoughts are causing your anxiety. Is anxiety a constant feature in your life? Anxiety has its place. It tells you if you are in ... Read on »
What does my dream mean? by David M. By David Joel Miller Ever wondered what you dream meant? Many readers email me about what their dream may mean. They want answers and hope I can provide them. Dreams can pro ... Read on »
Toys for Depressed Kids by Dr. Deb Patient Expert Shopping for toys during the holiday season always takes a bit of resourcefulness. You need to learn what’s new, what’s out, what’s flying off the shelves - and then c ... Read on »
Global Picture of Depression Summarized in Nature by Dr. Scott P. Medical Doctor The current edition of the journal Nature has a focus on depression - with a summary of research progress, and lack thereof. There are some good graphics in it, link to the ... Read on »
15 ways to improve your attention and stay focused by David M. By David Joel Miller. Here are 15 ways to boost your ability to pay attention and stay focused.   Most of us were never taught how to stay focused and pay attention. We were ... Read on »
5 Reasons Mental Illness and drug use hangout together. by David M. By David Joel Miller Why do so many people have both Substance Use Disorders and a Mental Illness? Having multiple problems is so common today that we are surprised when som ... Read on »
Useful information about Alcohol Use and Abuse by David M. Looking for information about Alcohol Use and Abuse? By David Joel Miller Ever hear of the Alcoholism Awareness Council? I hadn’t. Recently I found this site, or more precis ... Read on »
Problems staying motivated? by David M. By David Joel Miller Do you keep running out of motivation? At the beginning of a new project or a new relationship we all think we have plenty of motivation. Down the road ... Read on »
Children of Domestic Violence Are Starting to Get the Attention They Deserve by 1888PressRelease (1888 PressRelease) There are many reasons people stay in abusive or violent relationships, but for children, the reason is often that they have no choice. A few organizatio ... Read on »