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Dr. Ping: Con job or great job? by Rossa Forbes Eighteen months ago, Chris switched medications from Abilify to Respiridone because he didn't like Abilify (I've forgotten why).  Three months after switching he began to r ... Read on »
The Glass launches today by Sophie N. Health Maven Is it really launch day? Thank you so much to everyone who pre-ordered. You can buy The Glass – the final book in the Everyday Magic Trilogy – here and here . ... Read on »
The Devil You Know by Chrisa H. Facebook    We’re learning the hard way that the old adage is true. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. To be fair, it was a bit broken. Tim went on Clozaril a month before his ... Read on »
Top Ten Life mistakes you need to avoid. by David M. By David Joel Miller Top ten life mistakes to avoid. When you are rushing through life there are things that look important and things that look like you can put them off. E ... Read on »
September by Sophie N. Health Maven There’s a definite scent of autumn in the air and a crispness to these past few mornings that leaves me in no doubt. It’s the end of summer. I love the ‘season of mist ... Read on »
How many kinds of attention are there? by David M. By David Joel Miller You need more than one kind of paying attention skill One kind of paying attention skill is not enough. From the first day of life you had to pay attent ... Read on »
Why “Stabilizing” People is Entirely the Wrong Idea by Ron Unger Patient Expert If human beings were meant to be entirely stable entities, then “stabilizing” them would be an entirely good thing, a target for mental health treatment that all could agree ... Read on »
What do you do if you are allergic to smoke? by David M. By David Joel Miller How do you work around smokers if you are allergic to smoke? This question originally came to me as an email from a counselor who is allergic to smoke. ... Read on »
Ways to take care of yourself. by David M. By David Joel Miller You deserve to be well cared for. Did anyone teach you how to take care of yourself? Did they tell you that taking care of yourself is being selfish? Do ... Read on »