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How To Ask For Help by Dr. Deb Patient Expert Asking for help can be easy for some, and painfully tough for others. There are many myths that tend to keep others from asking support or assistance. Here are a few ... Read on »
Worlds, real and imagined by Sophie N. Health Maven I’m so enjoying this last phase of finishing the Everyday Magic trilogy. The Glass is almost there – just one final push and it will be ready for editing and proofi ... Read on »
Introversion Saturday- A Retrospective on Introverts Struggling in an Extroverted World by David Stein Today’s post is going to be short, as I’m preparing for my next major piece: an examination of introversion in today’s society. As such I wanted to point everyone towards ... Read on »
The link between Smoking and Depression by David M. By David Joel Miller Smoking may be the cause not the result of depression People who smoke are far more likely to become depressed than nonsmokers. About 40% of smokers suf ... Read on »
How to do a quick vintage-look lip and eye by Sophie N. Health Maven As those of you who have read my novel  The Dress  will know, one of the main characters (who seems to be everyone’s favourite) is Fabbia Moreno, seamstress and pu ... Read on »
Daniel Mackler’s Films are Now Free on YouTube by Ron Unger Patient Expert Daniel Mackler has made some very thought provoking and informative films about alternative understandings and approaches to psychosis. They are as follows: Take These Broke ... Read on »
Connection between Dehydration and Depression- My First article Published on by David Stein Well I did it, i got my first article published on entitled, How Dehydration can Cause Depression to Worsen . An examination of the impact dehydration has on ... Read on »
16 Ways to create a happy life by David M. By David Joel Miller Not feeling very good about your life? Here are 16 ways you can make your life a happier environment. 1. Do things you can be proud of When you do thing ... Read on »
Success by David Stein Although it hasn’t been published yet, I finally submitted my first article to!!! This is huge it’s my first step towards my dream of becoming a professional w ... Read on »
Seven favourite cookery books by Sophie N. Health Maven Since Violetta was born, my kitchen escapades have been a little less adventurous. Most days, I make ragu for pasta, throw fish fingers, jacket potatoes or a ch ... Read on »