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How to enjoy being alone. by David M. By David Joel Miller. People stressing you out? Learn to enjoy being alone. Are you really busy all week? One thing after another to do and most of those things involve doin ... Read on »
Reprise on Torture – Why Ken Pope Resigned from APA – in 2009 by Dr. Kalea Chapman Doctor of Psychology The issue of torture by our government, and the role of psychologists in that policy, has been a concern of some psychologists since as early as 2009. Obviously it’s go ... Read on »
Do you have a drinking problem? by David M. How would you know if you have a drinking problem? By David Joel Miller How would you know if you or someone close to you had a drinking problem? Drink too much and there wi ... Read on »
Antidepressant Use is No Longer Increasing in Canada by Dr. Scott P. Medical Doctor I have just published two papers about major depression in Canada in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry (abstracts available here ). One of these is concerned with the way i ... Read on »
Family Counseling for Family Problems by David M. By David Joel Miller Can counseling help family issues? Family Problems Photo courtesy of Every family has some family problems soon or later. Some of these fami ... Read on »
Ways to win the argument and lose the relationship by David M. By David Joel Miller The way you fight may permanently damage your relationships Some couples argue and then they make up. Other couples do so much damage when they argue th ... Read on »
What is an evidence based practice? by David M. By David Joel Miller Which therapy methods really work? If you have a particular “mental illness” what treatment would be best for you and how would you find someone who did ... Read on »
PTSD or Acute Stress? by David M. By David Joel Miller What’s the difference between PTSD and Acute Stress? Feeling stressed out? Photo courtesy of PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has made t ... Read on »
Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia – A Valuable, and Free, Online Report by Ron Unger Patient Expert What would happen if a team of highly qualified psychologists joined up with a team of people who knew psychosis from the inside, from their own journey into madness and the ... Read on »
What are you thankful for? by David M. Happy Thanksgiving from Photo courtesy of    Read on »