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What is binge drinking? by David M. By David Joel Miller Why binge drinking matters Binge drinking is a pattern of drinking that has been linked to a host of physical, mental and behavioral problems. In the bi ... Read on »
Alcohol, Drugs and Mental Illnesses by David M. By David Joel Miller How are alcohol and other drugs connected to mental and emotional problems? There are clearly a large number of connections between drug and alcohol use ... Read on »
Free Online Training Module Using Normalizing Within CBT for Psychosis by Rossa Forbes R on Unger is a licensed cognitive behavioral therapist whose understanding of psychosis I greatly appreciate and admire. His writing has helped me enormously in ... Read on »
How Can Professionals Learn to Reduce Fears of Psychotic Experiences Rather Than Emphasize... by Ron Unger Patient Expert The kinds of experience we call psychotic are often incredibly scary: people feel they are being persecuted by strange forces, or that their brains have been invaded by demo ... Read on »
Mechanisms of Antidepressant Action & Warring Camps in Psychiatry by Dr. Scott P. Medical Doctor An interesting plain language summary of a contemporary view (mood regulation network modulation, neuroplasticity) of probable mechanisms of action of antidepressants is ava ... Read on »
Are you at risk for Postpartum or Peripartum Depression? by David M. David Joel Miller 7 risk factors for Postpartum Depression What factors might put you at risk of Peripartum Depression? When it comes to mental health, why one person gets a ... Read on »
17 Ways to de-stress by David M. How do you manage stress? By David Joel Miller Stress can overwhelmed you at any time or anywhere – Here are some suggested ways to turn down the stress volume. 1. Breath Un ... Read on »
Mediterranean Yorkshire and everyday magic by Sophie N. Health Maven It really was, for a brief few days… We went to sunny Saltburn-by-the-Sea, a short drive from where we live in North Yorkshire. It’s a wonderful place, perhaps my all- ... Read on »
Reduce Stress by saying NO! by David M. By David Joel Miller Ways to say no and cut down on your stress There will always be more to do that there will be time to do it. The ability to say no and keep the stress i ... Read on »
People never change because they are happy by Rossa Forbes Torn from easyJet's latest in-flight magazine issue, an interview with Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic: You're known for doing crazy stuff, but your latest p ... Read on »