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The parents' role in a medical setting by Rossa Forbes This applies to so many parents who insist that their child has a mental illness.  From , by Steven Goldsmith, MD.  "My agreement of her parents' definition of it ... Read on »
Helping Children and Adolescents Deal with Voices by Ron Unger Patient Expert Rachael (Rai) Waddingham has made available a presentation by herself with lots of good ideas for anyone trying to help a child or adolescent do better with the experience o ... Read on »
How to be on time by David M. By David Joel Miller How do those consistently punctual people do it? Some people are always, almost pathologically, on time. Others are chronically late. Our western societ ... Read on »
How To Ask For Help by Dr. Deb Patient Expert Asking for help can be easy for some, and painfully tough for others. There are many myths that tend to keep others from asking support or assistance. Here are a few ... Read on »
18 Ways you are a really bad parent by David M. By David Joel Miller 18 ways to be a really bad parent Here are 18 really bad ways to treat children. Do them enough and you can destroy a child’s life. Some parents do thes ... Read on »
Worlds, real and imagined by Sophie N. Health Maven I’m so enjoying this last phase of finishing the Everyday Magic trilogy. The Glass is almost there – just one final push and it will be ready for editing and proofi ... Read on »
12 Relationships that make you unhappy by David M. By David Joel Miller Some relationships problems are guaranteed to make you unhappy Humans have and need relationships whether you want them or not. Some relationships contr ... Read on »
Perceived Needs and Mental Health Care by Dr. Scott P. Medical Doctor Perceived needs for mental health care are often unmet. However, as a possible sign that things are getting better, the recent Canadian Community Health survey - Mental Heal ... Read on »
Introversion Saturday- A Retrospective on Introverts Struggling in an Extroverted World by David Stein Today’s post is going to be short, as I’m preparing for my next major piece: an examination of introversion in today’s society. As such I wanted to point everyone towards ... Read on »
The link between Smoking and Depression by David M. By David Joel Miller Smoking may be the cause not the result of depression People who smoke are far more likely to become depressed than nonsmokers. About 40% of smokers suf ... Read on »