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You Should Leave Facebook Right Now – Is Facebook Really Addictive ?

Posted Sep 24 2012 1:18pm

Facebook has definitely taken the social networking world by storm. With every passing day, more and more people are signing up and starting to chat with old friends or probably making new friends through Facebook. Among friends or classmates, it has turned out to be a competition in itself that whose status gets more number of likes or comments.

Believe it or not, but, Facebook indeed is taking over the world, as everyone from teenagers to business executives to aged grandparents – seem to have got the Facebook fever. Though logging in and chatting with friends in Facebook is pretty much regular, when things are overdone, the real problem starts.

Facebook Addiction Disorder (Abbreviation: FAD) is a reality and if you spend hours in this social networking site, thereby hampering your health balance – you probably need to be cautious. It can be defined as one type of Internet Addiction Disorder. Teenagers are more prone to be affected by it and you need to be cautious as well if you have a kid who is a regular Facebook user. Here are some signs that will help you to understand whether you or your kids have got Facebook addiction disorder or not:

Facebo facebook addiction joke ok Addiction Disorder Symptoms

  • If you restrict your kid from accessing Facebook, try to notice his behavior. Does he withdraw himself from his regular activities? Does he keep talking about Facebook, his status updates and get anxious often? If answers to these questions are yes, it’s time to get serious. Also, check out how much time in his daily schedule does he spend on Facebook? If it’s more than 5 hours, it got to be affecting his daily lifestyle and if it is indeed the case, you should be more cautious.
  • Do you indulge into virtual dates these days? Are you reluctant to go out for dinner parties or movies and only chat with people when they are online? It’s definitely a sign of having FAD.
  • Are you being friends with strangers more? If around 7 out of every 10 Facebook friends of yours are strangers to you, this is a serious case of FAD.
  • Social Involvement of a person is affected hugely while suffering from FAD. He stops going outdoors or interacting with friends, he stops almost everything that he used to love doing before signing up for Facebook. Some extreme situations are: sending a Facebook messenger chat instead of meeting a friend or date personally, refusing to take phone calls from parents and asking them to come online on Facebook instead etc. Even if they meet new people in a party of some family get-together, they keep talking about Facebook. Sometimes, you can even see such a person saying a stranger that they can talk via Facebook. In case of extreme situation, the affected person will make Facebook pages for his pets, house or even other family members who are not on Facebook.


Facebook Addiction Infographic

Interesting facts about Facebook addiction

How to Treat Facebook Addiction Disorder?

First of all, understand one thing: self-help works best in these situations. However, that does not apply if your kid has got FAD (Because, he is not mature enough to understand the consequences) and hence we will first state what to do for your kid’s FAD treatment:

  • Though scolding or punishing seem the best ideas for parents; this is not recommended at all. Understand one thing, your kid has tuned to Facebook, most probably, because you have not been able to give him enough time. If, you, as a parent, were his friend, he would not have any need to go to Facebook for searching friends.
  • The first thing you can do is spending more time with him. Don’t banish him from surfing on Facebook; this will have a negative impact instead. Rather, try to indulge him into activities that he will enjoy. Thus, he won’t be left with much time to spend on Facebook. You can always plan for a trip outside with no access to internet, organize a birthday party for your kid (It has to be something that the kid has to be a part of, he obviously cannot skip his own birthday parties) etc. During summer vacations, you can send him to a summer camp where he will love to spend some time with his friends (Initially, he may resist going to a summer camp, but, it will depend on how you can make him understand).
  • You can also use parental control software to block your kid’s access to Facebook or other time-consuming websites. However, this should only be done in extreme case, when nothing else works.
  • Facebook Addiction Disorder in kids doesn’t last for long and the symptoms start disappearing as they grow up and learn other important aspects of life. So, keep patience.

Now, let’s discuss, how as an adult, you can get over Facebook Addiction Disorder:

  • First of all, unsubscribe from Facebook email notifications. Hence, you won’t be receiving all those emails containing details of who poked you, liked your status or made a comment on it.
  • Allot yourself a pre-decided time to login and check updates on Facebook (As small as possible, but, not more than 60 minutes a day under any circumstances). You should set some external timer that will remind you that the allotted time period is over. Never ever cross the time allotted, otherwise, this process won’t yield any result.
  • Remove the Facebook app from your smartphone.
  • Purge your Facebook friend list. Delete those whom you don’t know or never intend to meet either, from your friend list.
  • Make one day of your week Facebook free! For better results, have a vacation during a weekend and don’t access Facebook while you’re on the vacation.
  • Stay away from the addictive Facebook games (Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars, Galacticos Football etc.) and remove other apps which you hardly use from your Facebook profile.
  • Stop updating your profile on every hour, there is no need to let the world know everything about your personal life. I know that sharing is caring, but, you never share the darkest secrets of your life, right? Think of Facebook status updates the very same way

FAD can mostly be treated through self-help or a bit of parental guidance. However, if things have taken a serious turn, consult a psychologist at the earliest. He will suggest proper medication, diet and overall treatment plan for you. Stick to that and you will eventually learn how to live your life without Facebook or using it at the very minimum level.

Please add comments, I would like to hear your toughs about Facebook addiction. Also, make sure to share this post with your friends!

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