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"Yin and Yang" is a philosophical issue, and also a technological issue.

Posted Jan 24 2010 7:40am

Yin and Yangis one of the important contents of Traditional Chinese cultures. 'She' is alsoone of the basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Myown experiences and understandings on Yin Yang started from the course of"Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine", when I studied inuniversity. After graduation, I had in-depth study following my mentor for manyyears. And from here, I had chance to get contact with predictable science,feng shui, Buddhism and Taoism and so on... I thought that I could consideredthat I had already knew well about the study of  'Yin and Yang'. But, up until teachings from my respectful teachers, ,thenI suddenly come to realize my inadequacy. I was like a frog at the bottom of awell, with narrow view. I was like a hardworking cattle, trapped on the   mountain, not aware of the vast of sea.

'Yin and Yang' is the law of universe. It's a universal truth and guideline ofnature.

Yin and Yang, black and white, good and evil, life and death...

Myunderstanding on 'Yin and Yang' had never been so deep. I felt so real as it isnow. Sometimes, it also came along with a bit of fear.

Humanbeings have a common problem, i.e. seeing is believing. Everything is aboutevidence, particular about "Scientific proof". Human beings usuallyadopt attitudes of suspect, refuse, and slander towards things that cannot beseen. I am also a human. I too, had the same idea before.

But...along the process of learning, I had truly experienced and realized what'sYinYang, what's time tunnel, what's in the absent of space-time...

Ihad deeply felt the threaten and harms from Darkness and evils, experiencingthe fear of death. I also had a chance to witnessed people who were unmovedwhen facing death. I also realized the devoid of humanity...

Recalledback what I had studied for more than a year, I came to realize...

WhatI see, what I hear is not necessarily be real; What cannot be seen does notmean that it does not exist!

YinYang is the core concept of I-Ching. It is the important component ofTraditional Chinese cultures. It is not from civilization of earth, but fromanother world!

Do not suspect the authenticity and accuracy of I-Ching and The Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon. As for study and learning, there is not just only book , not onlyteachers. The important is about intuition. The answer is always in heart.

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