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Yahoo Needed a Mental Health Expert, but Settled for me Instead

Posted Oct 17 2011 1:07pm

When you’re a raging success like me, having sold literally dozens of books, it’s inevitable that career opportunities will present themselves. So when Yahoo needed a new mental health expert, they turned to the best they could find. When those people passed, they went to a second list of well-qualified professionals. Failing yet again, they asked me if I knew anyone who might be interested and, when I told them no, they ultimately asked me to just take the job so they could focus their attention on more important things. And voila, I’m the new expert!

This is actually quite a good opportunity, for multiple reasons. The exposure on a massive site like Yahoo far outstrips anything I can get solely through ShrinkTalk. My hope is working with them will lead to increased awareness of ‘Crazy’ and this site. Additionally, because this is an actual paying gig, it will allow me to work a bit less in the office and more as a writer. New research is emerging that therapists begin to lose their effectiveness when they start pressing past twenty-five clients per week. Being a practicing psychologist three days per week and a writer for two will help me to pace myself in both fields. I’ve never been all that good at committing to one area of study or practice, so an opportunity like this is right in my wheelhouse.

I hope you will join me over at Yahoo. ShrinkTalk will always be here, and my plan is to still post material on this site. But, at least initially, I’ll be doing a lot of linking to pieces I am writing for them. The posts on those sites will be copious (probably 2 or 3 per week), albeit shorter and more pop psychology oriented. When I have longer, more narrative pieces, those will be here.

As always, thanks for being a reader. Without you guys, ShrinkTalk would have died long ago, which in turn would have killed ‘Crazy’ and certainly would have made the chance to be the man at Yahoo a pipe dream. Thank you, and here is the link to my new project:

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