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Worried about a family member, please read my statement in the details below, please help.

Posted by sanca025

Symptoms are repeating same stories, no matter how many times you reminder her you told me that, it's like she did not hear that comment and continues the story... Outbursts when she could have told you something earlier were it did not have to become a outburst, anger, putting blame on the same person for everything no matter what. Paranoid we are planing/against her, and that we do not support her, telling strangers personal business, wont let you get a word in when talking/conversations... Confronts you, that is not what you said/told her (angry). Says that something makes mad/upset, then later on when it gets corrected then that also makes her mad/upset... It's like no matter what you do or say, it still will upset her, like she can't make up her mind.  Talks about family badly behind our backs or constant complains about everyone in the family.
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The question I think is whether her complaints are justified or whether they are unusual.  If you had to look honestly at the situation, and bear in mind that I don't know what's going on at your end, are her worries misplaced. . is everyone against her? Is sh getting upset for valid reasons, has she always been a stubborn person?

It could be in context to the situation or it could be an anxiety state. . the paranoia and anger and need for reassurance are possibly symptoms of a disorder. . an acute anxiety state that a doctor or therapist can diagnose. The indecision is part of that too.  Depression and acute anxiety would be my guess.

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