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Words Of The Wisdomless Winners

Posted Sep 12 2009 12:00am

The “Words Of The Wisdomless” August winners got to see their caricatures this week.  On the 7th, I sat down for a few hours and drew out and inked them.  I ended up drawing 5 people.  2 winners and 3 others for someone from Entrecard who ordered them months ago.

The whole process takes about 3 hours for each caricature.  Most of the time spent coloring it.  I guess if I had the right training, I could cut that time in half.  For the most part, it’s all trial an error.  That is what makes it a little more special when people realize the time that goes into it.   I’m taking that time away from my life just to draw them…

I’m happy that I can do the caricatures with the Wisdom quote commenter.  I do get a little anxious when I draw them.  Since most of the time, I feel like I’m guessing on how to do them…  That is not too far from the truth since I’ve only had one 2 hour classes on how to draw them.    It’s just like the cartoon-a-thon cartoons.  I look at it as art therapy.  Unlike the cartoons that are meant for everybody, the caricatures are personal between me and my subject.

Here are this month’s winners:

KKristiristi is a Peer Support Specialist and co-founded of DBSA Northeast Louisiana.  Living with Bipolar Disorder for 18 years, she knows all the ups and downs with it.  She is a great volunteer and will be able to help more of her peers with the degree in Psychology/Criminal Justice she’s working on at Ashford University.

mental health humor, words of the wisdomless, winner

ShannonThis Canadian has the spirit and compassion of a true mental health advocate.  Creator of the Consumer Survivor Advocacy magazine, ME.DECINE…Shannon has been helping put the word out in print with her 100% peer run magazine.  I’m proud and honored to have some of my cartoons published in ME.DECINE…

mental health humor,words of the wisdomless

 This month is almost over.  So, if you have a FaceBook account, make sure you friend me and comment on one of the quotes.  Or you can comment here and be added to the free contest!

Please remember, Friend Me via Facebook and comment on my Words Of The Wisdomless posts…maybe, I’ll draw you next!

Chato B.  Stewart
Mental Health Advocate - Cartoonist - and a few other  things!

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