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win a Free caricurture

Posted Jul 30 2009 12:00am again,

My  facebook Words of the Wisdomless is off to a great start this month. If you’re on facebook and we are not connect yet make sure to friend me ASAP… lol

I will add some more of my quotes below I wrote this week. But, befor i do i just want to let you know that the cartoons will be comming back soon…  Untill then enjoy my wisdomless quotes.  Remember that every one that posts a comment here or on myFB pages quotes will be entered to will a caricurture.

As I said befor I call my quotes “Words of The Wisdonless”, and yes some of them really fit the title and a few might even have some wisdom to’em but you can be the judge of that.

Here is this weeks:


Words of the Wisdomless: Dream

“Following your dream can only get you so far before you go to sleep and have another dream you have to follow… No one ever informed me I need to pick just one dream at a time… Geewiz… No wonder I can never finish anything!” -By Chato B. Stewart

Words Of The Wisdomless: Recovery -

“I’m on the road to my Mental Health Recovery, the only problem, it’s a one way,dead end street. ” - By Chato B. Stewart

Words of the Wisdomless: Mental State -

“I don’t have a mental disorder… I have a mental chaos!”- By Chato B. Stewart

Words Of The Wisdomless: Mania -


“I don’t suffer from mania, I enjoy every moment of it.”

- By Chato B. Stewart and with inspiration from my friend Kermit.


Words of the Wisdomless: Mania Part 2: French Twist –

“Mania is the artist’s, the poet’s and author’s jus-de-vie, Depression is the artist’s, the poet’s and author’s soup-de-jour. - By Chato B Stewart



Words of the Wisdomless: Love —

“Love is stronger than hate! Hate is the power behind motive. Motive is action behind jealousy. Jealousy is the power of anger. Anger is the action behind rage. Rage is then powered by hate. Yet, in a moment the circle of hate can all be wiped away with just a little love.” - By Chato B Stewart

Words of the Wisdomless: Love Hate part 2: -

“Never give up, never give out, never let go! “Unless you are giving up rage, giving out love and letting go of hate.” - By Chato B Stewart

Words Of The Wisdomless :Fishing

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day… If you teach a man to fish without a NEW, government mandated fishing license, you’ll get a ticket and then you’re both broke.” - By Chato B. Stewart

I hope you like them and feel free to quote me and link me too please.

I’ll see you soon,


I need writers to write about mental health, please contact me if you would like to submit a article or two…

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