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will drinking red bull or a 5 hour energy drink adversely interact with ssri's?

Posted by Dr. JC

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Drinking a red bull is going to cause changes in your mood and physiological changes too.  So in that respect it's like alcohol - it's potent.  Whereas alcohol relaxes and depresses the system, energy drinks give you that surge and then you crash!

Should you drink alcohol with your SSRI - no. Should you drink red bull with them - I wouldn't.  I wouldn't have anything else in my system so I could ascertain how my condition was progressing or improving and so I could see whether the drugs were really working or if I had side-effects.

I knew a woman who was drinking tonnes of coca-cola and when she stopped, they were able to cut back her meds too, bcos they treating her largely for the coca-cola intake and not just her condition!

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