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Why Some Black Males Have Abandoned Society for Prison

Posted Sep 22 2008 3:57am

“A society abandons its citizens,

Its’ citizens abandon its’ society.

What do you have?

A highly dangerous and dysfunctional society!”

7.3 Million Chidren Has A Parent in Prison in the U.S.

I hope that you have already read the article… Social Policies and Laws Cause Abandonment
That writing and video outlines the concept that social polices and laws cause abandonment issues
and experiences to its citizens. The mental health of a nation is directly affected by that governments’ polices and procedures. The effects on the
war on drug and the war on crime are the same.

1.  You begin by increasing the world’s ability to kill every man, women, and child in  
     the production of weapons and their worldwide distribution

2.  You then reduce the cost of government by cutting services to the population of
     your society that does not vote or have poor representation in government.

3.  You then reduce or close your inpatient psychiatric hospitals and discharge these
     residents into the community and streets without the means to support
     or maintain themselves.

4.  At the same time you cut the budgets to community programs that service your 
    citizens needing:

        a. drug treatment

        b. alcohol treatment

        c. mental health treatment

        d. poverty assistance

        e. child and youth services

        f. job training

5.  Now introduce a cheap drug into minority communities and give it prime time
     coverage by every television station, at the same time.

6.  Help things alone by exposing every child to drugs in school by showing them all of the
     different kinds of drugs and there effects.

7.  Limit or not provide treatment or rehabilitation in your prison system along with no
     treatment for its prisoners’ drug, alcohol, or mental health issues during their
     prison stay or after their release.

8.  Develop laws that directly affect the 51.8% recidivism rate of your treatment
     population by increasing their prison sentencing after three arrests and convictions
     to life in prison.

9.  Pass federal sentencing laws that provide for a longer prison sentencing for your 
     poorest and minority citizens that use the cheaper form of a same drug that your
     upper-middle class and rich citizens use.  Click here to help to change that!

10. Now build those much needed prison beds in white rural areas of the country that 
     provide them jobs, support industries, increase their tax base, increase their representatives in
     government, with a population that cannot vote or be represented by a
     government that sentences and maintains them.

11. Now privatize your prison system so it provides endless income to corporations
     and its shareholders.

12. Now allow the private corporations to put to work their personal property
     (prisoners) to earn more money for the corporations and its shareholders.

13. Do not place requirements on these private corporations’ recidivism rate to decrease
     in order for them to be able to receive more personal property so that they can
     earn money off the prisoners and pay them pennies on the dollars for their labor
     in order to produce more revenue for the corporations and its shareholders.

The U.S. has more people in prison than any other nation in the world, including Communist China with a larger population (current) of 1,321,851,888 compared to U. S. population of 303,675,508! In 2005, it cost federal, state, and local government in the U.S., $62,000,000,000. In a report just issued by thePew Center on the States, it states that these facts have not reduced therecidivism rate in our prison system, nor reduced overall crime.

  • White males 18 and older - 1 in 106 are in jail or prison
  • All men 20 to 34 – 1 in 54 are in jail or prison
  • Hispanic males 18 and older 1 in 36 are in jail or prison
  • Black males 18 and older – 1 in 15 are in jail or prison
  • Black males 20 to 34 year old – 1 in 9 are in jail or prison

To read Why Some Black Males Are Abandoning Society for Prison…click here

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