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Why does my right leg throb with pain from the upper thigh area down to my feet, burning, weakness,etc

Posted by BrownSugar46

I had surgery back in July of 2006, I had a oopherectomy removing uterus, cervix, and right ovary.  Once I went to recovery I had a  sharp pain in my right outer thigh area across from the vaginal line.  However, I feel due to my right leg going out.  There is a constant pain on my thigh area right above the knee.  When I massage it the pain radiates down to my right calf and foot.  Please help me, there was something done to me whether a pinched nerve, are something that will give me some relief.  As a result I've been off work for 2years.  I can't stand to long and I can't sit too long.  If I do I will have the worst discomfort in the world.  I have been back and forth to the doctors for the past 3 1/2 years.  One doctor stated it might be piriformis syndrome, another stated it was sciatica, I'm confused !
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