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When I Lived In The Land Of The Lost…

Posted Jun 07 2010 9:06am

When I lived in the Land Of The Lost I was filled with a darkness that penetrated my soul, leaving me weary, and full of sadness and pain.  I became a shadow of what I once was, and what I could have been. I mourned what I had lost and what was never to be. Loved ones tried to enter the land of the lost and rescue me, but I hid from them.  I believed that I did not belong in a Land Of  Love And Light.  I thought I deserved the suffering that the darkness inside of me caused.  Oh, how I suffered.

There was a voice in that internal darkness.  A voice that eerily sounded like my own.  It whispered cruel and horrible things to me.  It lied and twisted things, and I believed what it was saying to me.  The more I believed the voice, the more power the darkness gained.  As its power grew, so did its cruelties and my pain. Soon, all I could think about was ending the pain.

As I wallowed in my darkness and pain, I began to plan my escape from the Land Of The Lost. There was only one way I thought I could escape.  That was to allow the internal darkness to consume me, bringing about my end.  As I waited to be consumed, I discovered a little light inside me, it had hidden itself from the darkness.  It was strong for such a little light, and it too had a voice.  Instead of saying cruel and horrible things to me, the light comforted me, encouraged me and told me I was worthy.  This little light led me through the Land Of The Lost, to the Land Of Love And Light.

Now, that little light guards me and keeps me from being consumed once again by darkness, it prevents me from hiding myself away in the Land Of The Lost again.  It is my beacon, that keeps me focused on living in the Land Of Love And Light.

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