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What Would You Tell Your 21 Year Old Self

Posted Jun 30 2010 6:00am

At twenty-one I was a single parent to a one year old boy, lived with my parents, and was going to college.  Parts of my life were difficult but not really hard.  At that time, I thought I had been through the worst of what I would encounter in life, and everything from that point on would be gravy.  I was wrong.

My life from the time I was twenty-one has not always been pleasant, some of it was because of the choices I made, some from choices others made for me, and some was a combination of the two. There have been times in my life when I wished I could go back and do things differently, but not anymore. The past is the past and there is not a thing I can do about it.

However, if I could offer my 21 year old self some advice, there are a few things I would like to say to my younger self.

  • Never settle.  I know it is tempting, but never settle.  It is easier in the short term, but it always makes things harder in the long run.
  • See a counselor, you went through something traumatic when your husband left, and you need some help moving past it.
  • Listen to your gut.  If it is telling you that the person you are with might be an abuser, listen and then run.
  • You are a precious and wonderful person and never let anyone tell you differently.
  • Be kind to yourself, and love yourself.

If you had the opportunity, what would you say to your 21 year old self?

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