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What to Do When Your Job is Stressing You Out

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:49pm
ANNOUNCER: If you've got a job, chances are you've dealt with workplace stress.

Carol Goldberg, PhD, Psychologist: Workplaces are a tremendous source of stress, because stress is our reaction to pressures, demands and changes and, if there's anything that describes the workplace, it's pressures, demands and changes.

ANNOUNCER: Whether it's long hours, tight deadlines or a difficult boss that's stressing you out, the effect on your body is the same.

Carol Goldberg, PhD, Psychologist: There are a lot of things that the body is doing in revving up for an emergency reaction, like your blood pressure goes higher and you are having a more rapid heartbeat and all these things which actually cause illnesses and can cause death.

ANNOUNCER: Stress on the job is more strongly associated with health complaints than any other single source of stress, including finances and family. But there are things you can change to ease the toll on your health.

Carol Goldberg, PhD, Psychologist: Unrealistic expectations in the workplace creates unnecessary pressure. If you think that something is going to take x amount of time, you're much better off building in some extra time and then, if you don't need that extra time, use it as a reward for yourself.

ANNOUNCER: Adding stress reducers like meditation, and yoga to your life can help you cope with the things you can't change.

Carol Goldberg, PhD, Psychologist: One thing you can do when you feel that you are overloaded with stress is to take a few deep diaphragmatic breaths. That's very helpful, it's portable, it's within you.

ANNOUNCER: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will also help you keep cool under pressure.

Carol Goldberg, PhD, Psychologist: To keep your stress level down, it's very important to get enough sleep, to be able to eat healthfully and to exercise regularly and to keep your routine with these things.

ANNOUNCER: Following these tips can keep you healthy on and off the job. Thanks for joining us on today's Once Daily.

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