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“What Is the Bridge Over Troubled Economical Times?

Posted Oct 26 2008 12:52pm

Remember Simon and Garfunkel’s famous song Bridge over Troubled Waters!

Most of us are now looking for a bridge over our bad economic times.  We look outside of ourselves for the magical bridge or the guru to lead us to the promised land.  Sometimes we look in the wrong places.  Today , let us look inside of ourselves to find the bridge over depressing economic times and are pressing mood resulting from the economy.

 Bad economical times has spread throughout our country and the world.  Bad economical times will be shared by all of us, unfortunately.

The question is:  How will the bad economical times effect you? 

For many people who do not practice the power of thinking and good mental fitness, the depressing economy will depress their psyche and mood.  There is no doubt that the economy is depressing.  Therefore, shouldn’t they be depressed?

Even though the economy is depressing, we do not have to be depressed.  We do not need to allow external circumstances and problems depress us!

When people become depressed over depressing occurrences in their life like the depressing economy, unconsciously they are using “because of” thinking.  “Because of thinking” is logical and shows no regard for our mental state.  “Because of thinking” is automatic.  Obviously for many people, they will be depressed because of the depressing economy.  They may never even question why they have to be depressed, when the economy falls apart.

When our economic times are bad, the power of good mental fitness becomes strikingly clear.  A person with good mental fitness realizes they have freedom of choice even in bad circumstances.  “In spite of” thinking thinking can replace “because of” thinking.

When we think “in spite of” the bad economy, we can take control our lives, our mood and even our economics.  For example, we can think “in spite of” the bad economy, we are happy, successful, wealthy, etc. 

“In spite of” the bad economy, we can focus on the what we are grateful for rather than what we have lost. 

“In spite of” the bad economy, we can focus on finding opportunities rather than dwelling on the problems in economic areas of our lives.

“In spite of” thinking can turn our problems into successes and can become the bridge over troubled waters in our lives!

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