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What is Mild Mental Retardation – The Condition and Important Steps to Take

Posted Sep 02 2012 10:24am

Mild mental retardation is the least severe form of the condition found in the children. However, the fact should not be overlooked that the patients suffering from the condition may have a difficult life to live. It should be mentioned that mild mental retardation is better known as mild intellectual disability these days. In addition to find what is mild mental retardation, it is important to know how parents and other individuals around the patients need to deal with the condition. Here is a detailed discussion in this direction.

How to Define?

Mild mental retardation is often defined as a learning disability. In other words, it is the slowdown of intellectual development in the children that keeps their mental growth few years behind the normal children. Intelligence quotient (IQ) has always been the most simplified way to rate mental retardation as mild, moderate, severe or profound. So, what is mind mental retardation in terms of IQ score? The individuals showing IQ score between 50 and 70 are known to be affected with mild mental retardation.

How to Identify?

The symptoms of mild mental retardation are identified in comparison with the normal mental growth of children in that particular age. The most noticeable of these symptoms include:

  • Slowdown of cognitive development, which includes difficulty and delay in oral communication, speech development and power to remember.
  • Lack of the ability to immediately grasp the verbal and written signs.
  • Lack of the ability to remember adaptive functioning skills like keeping the things organized and maintaining hygiene.
  • Easy frustration, bad temper and irritability due to lack of understanding the things.
  • Low confidence or self-esteem.

Expectations during Childhood and Later Stages

The children suffering from mild mental retardation are usually not distinguished during first five years of age (preschool years). However, they may show slow development in the areas like speech and motor skills. When put in school, these children in general show the development of skills up to 6th grade level, though the process of learning is slower. Up to the age of 20 years, the patients are expected to learn basic rules of life. During the phase of adult age starting from age 20, these individuals can be made capable of leading a self-dependent life.

What Is Required – Modifications in Training

Modifications need to be introduced in the process of learning to accommodate the mild mental retardation patients. Some examples would include:

  • Repeated reminders to help them remember the things.
  • Encouraging confidence and self-esteem through special attention.
  • Helping them to build social behavior through supervised interactions.
  • Making oral communication simplified with easy words and short sentences.
  • Using pictorial signs and clues to make the things clear.
  • Devising different than usual methods of performance evaluation.

Well, mind mental retardation should be understood by the parents, teachers and the society as a whole. Love, care, devotion and patience are the qualities that these individuals need to adopt towards the patients to provide them the right kind of assistance.

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