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What do schizophrenia and X-Ray technician schools have in common?

Posted Jan 07 2010 12:00am
I am still puzzling over why a website for x-ray technician schools has information on schizophrenia, however, I'm glad it does. The information on this X-Ray Vision-Aries Blog is much more encouraging than what is normally found elsewhere.

Here's a sample, below. Note that the article doesn't push medications as a cure-all, and it acknowledges that there is no universal cure but there are individual ones.

"By learning how to take control of their illness, schizophrenics may very well end up leading happy, productive lives once the proper blend of therapy and/or medication has been established. Upon the establishment of a gratifying, personalized method of treatment, the risk of a relapse drops significantly. Roughly half to 2/3 of schizophrenics undergoing a psychotherapeutic regimen that meets their needs improve significantly – if not outright recover. The psychological community defines recovery from schizophrenia as a complete sloughing off of the disorder’s symptoms. Patients function and integrate themselves in a healthy manner without the aid of therapy and medication. While no universal cure for schizophrenia exists, individual ones do – and when they are discovered they mean bringing the victim out of their encroaching darkness and back into a satisfying and stable life.

Unfortunately, due to overarching stigmas falsely regarding psychotherapy as the exclusive realm of the crazy, the misanthropic, and the living damned, many individuals suffering from schizophrenia and other mental illnesses shy away from pursuing it."
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