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What can we do on a beginner's level to bring dbt into our 16 year old son's high anxiety life

Posted by Dannielle L. Facebook

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Children have more fears, and experience the emotion of them more intensely. Such fears may start and stop for little apparent reason as the child develops.If your child suffers from child anxiety, you know the constant fear and worry that controls your child; he may avoid school or social situations when possible.Feel their anaxiety and make him understand.

Anxiety is a symptom of emotional constipation -- an inability to identify and express feelings openly.  And since it's mainly from parents that kids learn how to handle feelings nearly all the anxious kids I see in therapy have anxious parents.  (I.e., anxious or depressed or addicted -- all three conditions reflect some degree of constipation.)  So the best thing a parent can do for an anxious child is to (a) learn and then (b) model healthy emotional processing.  Easier said than done, of course , especially if you grew up with no one to model it for you.  So I'd suggest you find a good therapist, either for yourself or for your family.  

Thank you for your honest opinion, fortunately we do have a Wonderful  Family Therapist who is simply the best. Since I last wrote on the Q&A board, I have brought in more resourses for my son. The emotional well being for my son has and will always be on the forefront. I'm a Mother who has and will continue to work and fight to help my son both emotionally and act on what is needed for Happiness & All-around Tools for Life. Right now I continue to stay in the now, beginning to teach my only child to do the same is well... Keep in touch, any/all input is welcomed..


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