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We’re busy. Too busy. Too ...

Posted Oct 30 2008 6:21pm

We’re busy. Too busy. Too much of the time.

The healthiest of organisms are compromised, made ill, when in constant, uncontrolled or outwardly controlled, motion.

We live in an age when, quite incorrectly, constant motion and activity, multi-tasking, and immediateaction with little or no thought are rewarded.

These things make people sick.

Let’s stop doing them.

Go back to basics.


Think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. If you cannot explain or see the benefit, then why are you doing it? Live with intention and awareness.


Breathe deeply, fully, intentionally.

In with the good. Out with the bad.

Sit for five minutes–set a kitchen timer if you must–and do nothing but pay attention to your breath and all it’s nuances. Don’t analyze and think and participate in constant inner patter about it. Just be completely aware. Do this every single day.


Walk, swim, dance, yoga…whatever your heart desires… JUST DO IT! and pay attention. Do it with intention, for at least 30 minutes every day, no excuses.



Fresh, lean, vital (filled with vitamins and minerals and basic body building blocks) food is all that should go into your beautiful body; and it should go in regularly and in abundance.

When you eat right, you think more clearly, you breathe more fully, you move more efficiently. You do not get fat.

Back to Basics…



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