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"We are One In the Spirit" ~ Jason Upton & Kent Henry ~ Worship in Song

Posted Jan 24 2010 12:00am

The following is from the YouTube information:

Blogging: Love is Love; without fear. There is much division in the world and the Church has adopted a the spirit of division like a tornado trying to separate us from the love of God and the love of "true fellowship" with others as if it was their job to divide. Ha! Ha! I laugh at that kind of spirit that separates.

Call me crazy and you can kick me and Jesus out of your Church if you like... but I see no reason why straight believers, gay believers, ex-gay believers, ex-ex-gay believers... why they can't just all live in honestly, come together in the same churches, worship God as one God. I believe it was said like this "Hear (and open your ears) oh Israel (believers), the Lord your God is one God." And it the phrase ended in the final resolution by saying, "hallelujah". And I take that as a command to come together and worship as one.

The truth is just that simple to understand; Ha!, Ha! Tornados that separate... Ha! Ha! You've come to the water.

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