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Walking on the dark side

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:47pm
Fear is the path to the dark side.
Fear leads to anger.
Anger leads to hate.
And hate, is suffering.
- Yoda

Fear paralyzes. As if I’m holding myself hostage until something breaks. How far can I go? When does desperation yield to rationale?

I don’t know anymore. It’s hard to see the big picture when an entire world has collapsed and nothing surrounds but the ruins of a one time dream. I didn’t think I dreamt anymore. I didn’t think I dared to anymore. Yet here I am, putting myself out there, walking on the clouds of hope and possibility. Again, the disillusionment is too much to bear. At times like this, I only think of dying of a broken heart. An inhumane way to die, but my destiny perhaps.

Not true.

I never believed in destiny. But has it come to claim me instead?
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