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Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

Posted Jun 09 2011 12:00am

I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to pornography. Although, I do not make it a habit of watching it myself, I have no issues or judge others that do. The only thing that can be troubling about pornography for me is the portrayal of women. I hate that a lot of women, including myself, seem to instinctively compare ourselves to the images we see in any type of media. Pornography is certainly no exception.

I found a very interested article on the demoiselles that offers an interesting perspective from an actual porn star. Since vagina body-image seem to the the theme on my blog today I thought this was worth posting. Stoya, is a porn-star and these are some memorable and highly-entertaining quotes on the appearance of a vagina both on and off camera.

"Mostly, it's all about making things bigger or smaller: bigger out labia, smaller inner labia, modified clirotal hood. Because looks are everything when someone's about to give you an orgasm...well, okay, maybe in porn they are."

"But the male talent? They don't care. They get paid to have fun with the most meticulously groomed ladies available to the adult industry, and (in my experience) even if you're having sex with them off set just for fun they don't give a flying rats ass what kind of half grown out razorburned disaster area you've got going on in your crotch as long as it doesn't look diseased and you've taken a shower recently. Even then, the shower might be negotiable."

"We are producing a product and every detail should have the highest production value possible."

"Don't let a sexual partner tell you something that's normal for your body is gross or wrong. if they do, don't let them back until they're ready to deal with the reality of sex."

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