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Posted Apr 11 2010 10:05am

This video is great because
a) the Go-Gos outfits are unbelievable.
b) at 1:07 the beachball hits the guitarist in the head, and many of the band members lose their cool
c) at 2:10 you can see some fans with heavily shoulder-padded jackets skanking.

Ah, the 80s.

Also, vacation. Vacation is fantastic. We just got back from a week away, and it was really special. We visited my parents, who have recently moved to Asia for my dad’s job. I had only seen my parents for about 4 days in the last 7 months in which my wife got sick, which is not enough. Not even close. My parents lined up a very active and fulfilling schedule, so we were busy bu not excessively so. I got to be with my parents, which allowed me to be more vulnerable. And my wife got to be away from hospitals for a week. I had originally meant to write a lot while I was gone, but I was busy and enjoying myself, so much that I didn’t log on.

We got home yesterday, and I asked her how she would rate the trip. I ask her this a lot. “1″ is “I am so miserable I need to kill myself, right now,” and “10″ is “I’m so happy it’s like my wedding day all over again.” October-January she basically answered 4 or 5, every day. On some good days it’d be a 6, but those were rare. However, in the last month she’s been saying 6 more regularly.

“So honey, how was the week? What number would you give it?

I’ve got much more to say about our trip….later. Suffice it to say for now:

Vacation. Had to get away.

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