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Treatment Options for Depression: an Article for HealthLine/Yahoo

Posted May 22 2011 12:52pm

When people offer you money to write for them, in dollar amounts that will easily make you a Hundred-aire, you do it and be thankful for the opportunity, even if you aren’t allowed to use your trademark crankiness and vulgarity. That said, I recently did an article for HealthLine/Yahoo about basic treatment options for depression. They asked me to keep it “clean, to the point and professional,” so consider it just good information to have if you or someone you know has depression and is unsure what to do. Below is an excerpt and hit the link afterwards to go to the full piece.

Depression is sometimes referred to as the “common cold” of mental health problems. Statistics vary, but the Center for Disease Control recently reported that approximately 9% of adults suffer from depression. According to the DSM-IV-TR, lifetime risk for depression runs from 10-25% in women and from 5-12% in men. No one is certain what causes this disorder and it is critical that we recognize depression as a serious disease. It can lead to job loss, divorce, substance abuse and damaged relationships. It is also a potentially life-threatening condition (15% of people die from depression due to suicide). Fortunately, although there is no consensus on cause, multiple treatment options are available.

Read the rest here .

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