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Three Years of ShrinkTalk.Net: Let’s Celebrate with Some Hate Mail!

Posted Aug 03 2010 11:14am

Read about the first anniversary here , the second here .

Last week, this site turned three years old. As always, thank you to everyone who reads, adds comments, sends me questions and salutations. It’s been a long road with almost 250 posts, and if you’ve read even one, you are awesome for taking time out of your schedule.

As a reward to you for being a dedicated reader I’m posting some hate mail that I found amusing. It’s actually two emails that I’ve combined for purposes of anonymity, but believe you me, the spirit of the vitriol is not lost. No commentary from me (well, one small comment at the end), just pure hate for your reading pleasure:

I’ve been reading your stuff for awhile now and I’m now realizing that you’re sort of an idiot. You’re a run-of-the-mill shrink who knows nothing about personality structure and your writing is utter crap. You are not on the same page as Tucker or Philalawyer –not even close–but the sad part is that you live in this delusional fantasy world where you’re so self-involved and your head is so far up your ass that you can’t see how out of your league you really are. You are an entitled, wanna-be frat boy* and when your book fails I’ll be the first to email you to remind you how much you suck. Please stop making the internet more toxic than it already is and take down your piece of shit site. Seriously, go fuck yourself and consider dying when you’re done. You’re like a dumb golden retriever and should be put down.

I was actually kicked out of my fraternity after four days, so I suppose that comment could be considered true.

Happy Birthday, ShrinkTalk.Net!

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