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Therapy for therapists

Posted Jul 31 2010 12:00am

Therapy for therapists is an intriguing proposition, and one that I hadn’t even begun to consider until undertook the quest to becoming a therapist myself.  Although many of my classmates appeared to endorse the “encouraged but not required” position, I think therapy for therapists should be required for a license.  I believe that an imperative part of being an effective clinician is being able to experience being on the “other side of the table.”  I know this was a valuable experience for me in my teacher training.  Not only were we required to attend classes and perform all the other scholarly duties of a teacher in training, but we were required to conduct peer reviews.  In that respect, I would take the response one step further to include peer review and some experience with supervision to be included as part of the pre-requisite for licensure.    I think we should be required to familiarize ourselves with every perspective in the process, and be able to function effectively in all those areas.

I have participated in psychotherapy sessions as a client, and I think everyone should make that attempt at some point in their lives.  I think it’s inevitable that we all encounter stressors that would justify getting some help.  I can’t imagine a possible scenario where they would allow a teacher to teach without first teaching them how to be a good student, and I believe that same logic can be applied to therapy.

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