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The Last Day

Posted Nov 21 2010 12:53pm

Today is my last day at my parent’s house. The time spent here has been good for my mental and emotional health. Before I came down here, things had been very tense in my house. My husband and I were getting on each other’s nerves, and both of us were very stressed out. The breathing room that we gained by me being here has allowed both of us to take some time for ourselves. It has also been good for my daughter. Not only have we had a great deal of time together, it has also allowed me to set some boundaries with her. Boundaries with consequences if she does not respect them.

Part of me is glad to be going home. I do miss my own home, and husband. I also have a few things I need to take care of there. However, there is a part of me that is kind of sad to see things come to end. I am not stressed out here, like I am at home. The yucky tension between my husband and myself does not exist here. Even my daughter is being better behaved – it has been much easier for me to set boundaries with her. I really do not want to go back home and enter that world of tension and stress again.

It has not been an extended vacation here. I have been busy, and there have been some days where I worked like crazy. I enjoyed it though. The reason I enjoyed it so much is that no one acted has if it had to be done in a perfect way, nor on any time line but my own. My efforts and work were appreciated, and I did not feel as if whatever I did was not “good enough”. I often feel that way at home.

One of the best feelings I have experienced while I have been here has been LOVE. It is a wonderful feeling to realize that – even at my age – my parents love me very much and I am very important to them. Spending time just talking with my mom and dad has bee nice. One of my favorite parts of every day has been sitting in a chair in my mother’s “sitting room” and just talking to her.

I will be back again in a few weeks. My mother is having another surgery at the end of December and I want to spend some more time with my daughter in law. Since we know what to expect – as far as recovery goes – from my mom’s surgeries now, it will be easier to help her. We will all have a realistic idea of what she will and will not be able to do. It is only about 10 weeks until my granddaughter is due. Since Krystal – daughter in law – has no family out here, I want to make sure I am available to provide her with all the moral support I can. Neither my son, nor her mother will be able to be here when the baby is born, so I have offered to stand in and help her in any way I can.

I have taken a few pictures during my time here. I decided to share some of them with you. Each one represents a good memory.

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