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The Impact of Pitching Mound Height on Baseball Injuries

Posted Oct 03 2008 12:52pm

Baseball season is just around the corner, folks!  Despite all of the bad publicity this off-season, I'm still pumped for another year of ball.  I'm especially excited because I was able to get a few tickets, right behind first base, for some Rockies games this year.  You can't beat Coors Field!

Here is a really interesting article that examines recent research into the relationship between the height of the pitcher's mound, and injuries, particularly shoulder injuries due to the strain on the rotator cuff due to the angle.  Not being a physiologist, I can't explain the science (click on the link and check it out), but the authors note Nolan Ryan preferred to pitch from ground level between starts, which they believe may have at least partially contributed to his amazing ability to throw so hard for so long.  If this stuff is confirmed, I wonder if it will have an impact at least at the amateur level.  I also wonder if subsequent research would be able to find a threshold level that would allow for elevation, but without any increased risk of injury (say, for example, six inches), and would MLB go for that.  In any event, another really interesting bit of research being conducted!

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