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The Funny Yet Frustrating Fibro Fog

Posted Nov 10 2012 12:00pm
One of the more interesting symptoms that comes with Fibromyalgia is something called "Fibro Fog".

Fibro Fog is a cognitive impairment that happens to a lot of people who have fibromyalgia. Some of the symptoms include short term memory loss, difficulties with language, forgetting certain words in the middle of sentences, trouble following conversations, difficulties with concentration and retaining information.

It's the reason why for years I pretended to listen to my husband when he talked about video games plots and comic books because I couldn't follow along. I didn't know why back then, so I just tried really hard to focus.

Now I'm able to say, "Alright baby, sum it up for me."

About a month ago he found a cool story about how Kia Motors created cars decked out to look like a characters from the Justice League. After reading me the article I looked at him and said, "All I got was Kia, cars, and comic books." I genuinely had no idea what he said when he read straight from the article. After summarizing it, I totally figured it out.

Often times it's frustrating like when I can't follow conversations, or I need to watch cartoons instead of TV dramas because I have no idea what's happening.

Other times it's amusing. Like when I find myself standing in the kitchen with an armful of laundry and I have no idea what's happening. Or when I stop in the middle of a sentence because I don't know the next word and so Matt fills in the blank. That's the true reality of being able to finish someones sentences.

The best moment so far was about two weeks after my initial diagnosis when I had a large bruise on my arm from where they took blood for my lab tests. My sister and I were together and I was showing her the bruise.

Kristine: Jeez, that's crazy.

Me: Seriously, you should have seen it when it first happened. I had my whole arm bandaged !

Kristine: I know, I saw the picture you posted on Facebook.

Me: Oh yeah, I forgot I posted that picture. Wait . . . I took that picture when I was in your car.

Kristine: Oh yeah, I picked you up from your appointment!

Me: Stories are fun when you can share them with people who were there but don't remember it. Like reliving it all over again.

Kristine: We're gonna get along really well when we're both senile.


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