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The difference between a Robust and Sensitive Individual - Room 101

Posted Jan 23 2009 6:25pm

The difference between a Robust and a Sensitive Individual lies deep in a person's core. Is the person dominated by their emotions or by rational thought ? When the chips are down, where do they go? Do they go to their head and do what he or she believes to be good and right regardless of personal safety or do they go into their frightened soul where he or she is concerned only for their own survival?

When the chips are down, we are all frightened. But in those moments that define destiny, what dominates Gordon Brown's thinking and behaviour? his vision of what is right, regardless of his personal fears and ambitions, or his fear of blindness, betrayal and loss of legacy? I suggest it is the latter.

A Sensitive Individual will do whatever he or she has to in order to feel better. A Robust Individual goes down with their ship, doing what he or she believes to be right.

Room 101 is a place in the book 1984, by George Orwell. It is the place where you meet your worst fear and in Room 101 you succumb to your fear. By giving in to fear, you betray and are betrayed by the person closest to you. For each of us, Room 101 is our own individual most vivid nightmare. It is the place your torturer takes you. For Winston in 1984, it was having his face eaten by rats, for Gordon Brown in 1968, it was going blind.

The story of Gordon's eye is worth repeating.

As a young and talented teenager, Gordon Brown played Rugby. At the age of 17 he was at the bottom of a scrum and got kicked in the head. A month later he noticed he had lost the sight in one eye. The retina (the part of the eye that records the pictures we see) had come away from the back of they eye. He had a number of operations but his sight in that eye was lost and he remains blind in that eye.

A few weeks later, he started to get symptoms in his remaining eye. Just as had happened in his blind eye, the retina in his good eye was beginning to come away and without treatment he would go blind. He had already had a series of unsuccessful operations on his other eye.

It is impossible to know what was going through his head at that time, but hearing Gordon talk about losing first one eye and being on the verge of complete blindness, it is possible to understand a little of the impact that this had on him.

Gordon is a young man, ready to go to University, with everything Scottish in his favour, facing his first serious crisis that means he is going to be blind for the rest of his life. His career, his future is in ruins, and it is not fair. Someone kicked him, he probably knows who it was, it may even have been someone on his own team. With that kick, his vision of his future hangs on a surgeon's knife. Thanks to Dr Chawla, the surgery was successful and Gordon's remaining sight was preserved. But the psychological scar is more difficult to assess than his vision.

Alistair Campbell's book is helpful. Emily Parkes, the facially disfigured young woman is frightened of anyone seeing her in daylight. She leaves her flat only to shop at the local corner shop. This gives us a clue as to how deeply Gordon Brown is wounded. Emily's scars are permanent and there for all to see. By inference, Gordon's psychological scars are permanent and there for everyone who looks closely to see. And with hindsight they are.

Once fear wins, fear comes to dominate every aspect of a person's life. It is my belief that Gordon Brown gave in to his fear. From that time his life has been haunted by fear and by betrayal. He switched off his emotions because his feelings for people reminded him of the time someone, perhaps deliberately, kicked him in the head. Without emotion, a person enters the shadowy world of the psychopath where only their personal thoughts, feelings and fantasies matter. He gives a superficial appearance of being human but inside he knows he is flawed and he lacks the courage to face a bleak future. It is almost as if by writing about other peoples' courage he could somehow acquire his own. What appeared initially to be a calm, if somewhat inappropriate but intelligent exterior, is on closer examination the unfeeling, emotionally detached interior of Dr No.

It is my opinion that Gordon Brown is not a Robust Individual, but a Sensitive Individual who has switched off feelings for his fellow beings. He was kicked in the head as a teenager by a person or persons known or unknown. He has held onto his hurt, fear and resentment. Over the last year he may have learnt some human gestures but he has failed to grow or develop as a human being. The following video clips below the separation of his voice, facial expression, body language and the words that come out of his mouth. This is psychopathy, or for those staying within the bounds of the criminal law, a Sociopath.

Bare faced Liar
Complete insincerity
Giggling at the wrong moment
More giggling and lying
Sulking ie too angry even to talk
Detached from reality
Lying again - signing away human rights
Smiling in the face of tragedy
This is serious
Lying and manipulation
Making Cameron look caring
The first 500 years
Laughing at the economic plight of this country

Be warned
Margaret Mead: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

MatrixPsychology: It is a mistake to assume that the same, small group of thoughtful, committed citizens are working for the good of humanity, rather than for themselves.

More clips here
I missed this
Gordon's worst nightmare may be coming true. Detached retina and early cataracts can be associated. Thanks, alikelman.
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