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The Chilean Miners ~ Truly Inspirational!

Posted Oct 12 2010 8:04pm
I'm currently watching live feed of a rescue worker being lowered down (in a capsule) into a hole in order to rescue the 33 miners that have been trapped underground for 69 days.  I can not even begin to imagine what these men have been through, and yet they have showed nothing but courage, bravery, and absolute resilience!  Their story, while heart-wrenching for them and their families during their ordeal, will gratefully and miraculously have a happy ending!

Rescue workers (left) preparing to free trapped Chilean miners (right)
When, as of late,  all we have seen on the news have been tragic accounts of mines or oil rigs that have exploded or collapsed ~ taking many lives with them ~ words can not describe how wonderful it is to see a story like this...  To have what was thought to be yet another tragedy, except to have it turn out to be an absolute miracle...!?   I'm tired of all the negative news all the time - and that's why I never watch it - but every now and then we are able to witness something as extraordinary as this.  Can you imagine what the world would be like if the news reported focused more on the positive things in life? 

It is in moments like these when I forget I even have depression.  I'm not saying that it's wrong to have depression or to feel still feel depressed, as each of us deal with different extremes of depression...  I'm just telling you how witnessing something as amazing as this lifts my spirits like nothing else!   It shows me how truly determined we as humans can be when faced with a crisis.  That's why these men are heroes.  Watching the footage of the miners, cheering and smiling,  despite all they have been through (and still continue to go through) just melts my heart!  I can not wait until they are met with their loved ones!  I'm pretty sure they can't wait either!! :)  I can't believe it - the first miner is now making his way up!! 

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the men and their families ~  and to all those who risked their lives to help save them!!
Earlier today I was down and feeling pretty low - but once I saw the breaking news regarding the miners my mood completely changed!  Don't ever forget - life is all about perspective and choices - and these men chose to LIVE despite the odds.  Every single time they showed footage of these men during these past weeks they were smiling, cheering, waving the Chilean flag... if that doesn't help one put things in perspective...!

I look forward to hearing about the progress of these men - not just as they emerge from the mine, but as they continue to go on living their lives!

UPDATE!!  Ahhhhhh!!!! The first miner is out!!!! I have chills all over and a smile that won't stop!!!!

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