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The Attention Span Test

Posted Feb 22 2010 5:57pm

Chato B Stewart of Mental health Humor I am not a big fan of online depression / bipolar / personality tests. For one, they are not meant to be used as a tool to diagnosis. Rather, just a way to see if you’re falling under any set rules for a specific condition. If any one thinks they are worth more then just a recommendation that you need help… Well, then they need help!

Here’s the thing, while I have mixed feelings on the results and the reasons why some one would take the time to take the test.  The problem is how come they always seem to fit me to a tee!

I just took a simple Attention Test, well i had to take it a few times cause I kept getting distracted and when I got back to it I have to start over again.  So, on my fifth attempt I wanted to force myself to finish the test and not have to take it again…  Here are the results of my ninth attempt.  Below are the questions, I highlighted them in blue along with my answers.

The Attention Span Test

Your score = 18 Your score

What does your score mean?

According to your score, you seem to have a rather short attention span. You tend to have a great deal of difficulty maintaining your focus on a task and following it through until completion. People who have short attention spans tend to jump from project to project and are often known to be quite disorganized. This frequently results in missed deadlines, tardiness, and bills being paid late. An inability to pay attention for an extended period of time could be a result of fatigue, a medication side-effect, or you may simply have a personal issue weighing heavily on your mind. However, it would be a good idea to visit a psychologist in order to assess whether Attention Deficit Disorder may be an issue.

    The Attention Span Test

    How long can you focus on a task before you start “zoning out”? Take the Attention Span Test to find out.

  1. Do you get distracted easily (e.g. by background noise, other people’s
    conversations, etc.)?

      Yes, why else would I take this type of test!!!!
      can you repeat the question.
  2. How often are you late for work or an appointment? (yes I picked them all)
      Quite often but My TV show was on.
      Often I like to day dream.
      Sometimes I think it’s yesterday
      Rarely do I take these test.
      Almost never do I find a free parking space.

  3. How often do you catch yourself daydreaming at work?

    Quit, I’m taking a snooze
      Almost never
  4. Do you jump from task to task because you just can’t seem to focus long enough to finish one completely?

    Hold on I need to finish something.
  5. How do you deal with boring, repetitive tasks?
      I’m fine with them; I have very little trouble getting them done.
      I don’t mind them, but I may end up needing a break from time to time.
      I can’t stand them – they bore me out of my skull.
  6. You’re on the phone with a friend just as your favorite TV show starts. How difficult would it be for you to pay attention to the conversation?
      Extremely difficult
      Very difficult
      Somewhat difficult

    Slightly difficult, since I’m not paying attention the the call and way I just keep saying, un-ha!
      Not at all difficult
  7. When reading a book or magazine, how often do you find yourself re-reading the same paragraph or skipping ahead?

    Quite often,do picture books count?
      Almost never
  8. Do you have a knack for noticing details (e.g. typos in a document)?
      Yes, is always c my typoos 
  9. Do you lose your patience easily?

    No, gash-dan-it! isent this test over YET!!!!
  10. How often do you interrupt people during conversations?
      Quite often

    Almost never, I just talk so loud they have to listen.
  11.  Take the test for your self and post your score.

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